I’m back, baby. I’m back!

Sorry, I’ve been watching a lot of Seinfeld lately.

But yes, I am back. The fall semester of craziness is over, and Winter break has brought me life’s most precious commodity, time. Specifically, time to just sit down and have a moment with my thoughts, to actually consider the possibilities of what to do with my day, before the day gets started. Take away all of a man’s other luxuries; time is the one he cannot live without.

I can’t wait to start making a mess in my kitchen once more. It has been far too long since I have opened a cookbook with the direct intention of making something delicious for family and friends. That’s not to say I haven’t been reading up over the past couple of months. I have held volumes 1 & 2 of my good friend Dan’s copy of Modernist Cuisine hostage, and read them cover to cover, trying my best to retain all the glorious facts and figures contained within. (Incidentally, Volume 1 helped me tremendously with a research paper I wrote for my microbiology class entitled, “Microbial Growth in Sous Vide Cooking Applications.”) I cannot WAIT for Michael Ruhlman’s “Schmaltz” to be available on formats other than the iPad. And I am almost done working through the CIA’s “The Professional Chef.”

I have lots of stuff planned for the upcoming month of freedom, but for now I just wanted to say “Hi” and welcome myself back. Up next, I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts about a dinner I had at Philly’s newest kosher restaurant, Citron and Rose.

All the best,



About ydmalka

Just sharing my experiences as I learn more about kosher cuisine, from non-kosher cookbooks.
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