Pizza Parties

Lately, I’ve been having mad pizza cravings. Those of you familiar with the current kosher pizza situation in Silver Spring, would not be shocked if I said that there’s not much here to satisfy any of those cravings, no matter what WTOP allegedly has to say. So, with some help and inspiration from the wise Jim Lahey, Dan and I just started experimenting with our own. And boy, is it good…


That delicious pie is nothing more than a layer of walnut and caramelized onion purée, topped with a whole mess of shiitake mushrooms, and rosemary. When it was out of the oven, we drizzled it with a little bit of exquisite olive oil, which we bought fresh from the tank at Cowgirl Creamery, in DC.


This one was a classic combination of eggs and asparagus, except that quail eggs were used, because of their smaller size, and there is a layer of Fanticini Bros. Parmesan on the bottom, and topped with just a couple of drops of truffle oil.

Are you drooling yet?


About ydmalka

Just sharing my experiences as I learn more about kosher cuisine, from non-kosher cookbooks.
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3 Responses to Pizza Parties

  1. First of all – where did you get kosher truffle oil? and second – quail eggs? really? where’d you procure said huebos?

    • ydmalka says:

      Real olive oil (read–nothing you can find at any local supermarket) doesn’t really need a hechsher. And good quality truffle oil is just good quality olive oil infused with a piece of truffle, again nothing you can find in a regular ol’ supermarket. You’ll know it’s good if it’s got the piece of truffle at the bottom.
      As for the quail eggs, they sell them at H Mart, which is our local Asian market. Not too hard to find.

    • ydmalka says:

      For more information about Olive oil, read Extra Virginity, a great book by Tom Mueller. It’s basically an expose on the whole olive oil business, and will open your eyes to what true, good oil is.

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