Labor Day Dinner Menu…

Geometric Shapes of Mojito

Sausage, many complimentary flavors

Tomato water gazpacho, herb infused oil

Cured salmon, garlic aoili, and citrus foam

Inside-out Deviled egg

Tomato; aspic, coulis, salad, and lemon scented couscous

48 hour short ribs, coriander pickled carrots and pickled mustard seeds

Lamb-Ribeye slider, duck confit, crispy onions and port-red wine braised cabbage

Prime rib, Bourdelaise sauce, pommes d’Anna

Veloute of bittersweet chocolate, cinnamon stick ice cream



Stay tuned….


About ydmalka

Just sharing my experiences as I learn more about kosher cuisine, from non-kosher cookbooks.
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One Response to Labor Day Dinner Menu…

  1. Aric Kabillio says:

    Sorry for not getting back on friday – obviously can’t make it – please keep me informed on the next one. This menu sounds awesome…take pictures and post!

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