Crazy, tasty and Kosher, or just plain Crazy?

OK. So this is gonna be a food blog.

Let’s just get that out in the open. A food blog, just like the myriad of all other cook-your-way-through-some-fancypants-cookbook food blogs that are swimming out there on the interweb.

Yes, I know that the fact that I keep Kosher makes me part of a slightly smaller niche on here, but the fact remains that there’s enough about Kosher cookery to read up about without my two cents. So why am I doing this now? Here’s my top-ten list of reasons:

1. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but am a skilled procrastinator.

2. I’m cooking anways, so how hard could it be to take pictures and write a couple of lines as well?

3. It’s the summer, and being a teacher, I have nothing to do.

4. I’ll come up with the rest of the list later.

So before I make this thing sound like a total waste of your time, maybe I should let you know what it is?

We’ll get into a little bit of my “backstory” later, but for now, all you really need to know is that I like cooking. I have liked cooking ever since whatever age I was when I made that thing which is hanging up on my parents’ fridge which reads, “my mommy lets me cook with her”. (That run-on sentence is for you, Ima.)

But I’m not going to be documenting the scrambled eggs that I made for breakfast today. (I didn’t really make any eggs today… That’s called lying to make a point) The same goes for a cholent cook-off. Uh uh. Not happening here. That’s not to say there’s no value in either of those two things, it’s just not what I feel like doing.

What is it I feel like doing? Well, I’ve wrote this whole introduction to buy myself time to come up with the answer to that question. I’d like to say that I’ll be cooking my way through one AMAZING!!! cookbook, much like Carol Blymire is doing with her fabulous blog (my favorite! & more on that later…), but because of obvious Kashrus constraints, I feel that route would be too limiting. Instead, I will be using a few different cookbooks as source material to start with, and in the interest of full disclosure, none of the ones I currently have in mind were meant for the kosher consumer, and they weren’t necessarily designed to be easy.

Most of the time, if you’re like anyone in my immediate family, you’ll be wondering “Fifteen steps for this dish?? Are you insane?!?” Maybe I am, but most likely they’ve just never tried Alinea’s “Beef, with elements of A1”. I did. Two weeks ago (At home, not at the restaurant!). It was somebody-slap-me-in-the-face awesome. And that’s what really pushed me to sit down and do this blog. Because ultimately, we’re all looking for experiences in life that are so eye-opening that you can’t help but share them with others. And hopefully, these food-related ones will be incredible, and you’ll be happy that I shared. Ultimately, though, no food-related experience should really be able to hold a candle to the truly momentous and important moments in all our lives.

It’s just a food blog, remember?

Some formal business:

1. Please, please feel free to comment or email me directly. I will try my best to respond to emails, and all comments will be pre-screened. Let’s try to treat this like a family dinner, k?

2. I will try my best to post regularly, but during the year I do have a pretty demanding job. Try to bear with me.

3. I don’t think I’ll actually be posting detailed recipes. I will, however, let you know which cookbook I’m coming from, and I encourage you, the reader, to buy or borrow some of these books.

4. I am, by no means, a professional chef. I believe that a lot of skill and technique can be learned through trial and error, and cooking should be all about trying new things.

5. The two books I’ll be starting with are the aforementioned Alinea, by chef Grant Achatz as well as Ad Hoc At Home by chef Thomas Keller. Check ’em out.

6. Yup, that’s about it for now. It’s 2:11 A.M. and I can’t really think of anything else to be said.




About ydmalka

Just sharing my experiences as I learn more about kosher cuisine, from non-kosher cookbooks.
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3 Responses to Crazy, tasty and Kosher, or just plain Crazy?

  1. Marc says:

    Very entertaining thanks

  2. J says:

    I’ll pick up fresh containers of garlic powder and ketchup as I’m sure they will be staples of your recipes.

  3. Carol says:

    Have fun! And, happy cooking…. 🙂

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